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Jl. Starry Night S-7 No 9 Zone Van Gogh
Komp. Legenda Wisata-Cibubur, Jakarta
Mobile: +62081345974772
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Full name : Pdtm. Erinchan Naibaho
Place/Birthday : Limbong, 27 December 1979
Marital Status : Single

Spread the gospel of God all over the world generally, specially in Indonesia West Kalimantan.

 2008-2009 Master Degree, Ministry- Adventist University of Indonesia
 1998-2002 Bachelor Degree, Major in theology - Adventist University of Indonesia

Ministry at Church:
SDA Church – Chapter Ketapang, Kalimantan Jan 2010 – Present
Church Pastor – SDA Chapter Sintang & Nangapinoh, West Kalimantan Sept 2005 – Jan 2008
Church Pastor – SDA Chapter Nangapinoh, West Kalimantan Apr 2004 – Jun 2008
Church Pastor – SDA Chapter Segina & Kayu Tanam, West Kalimantan Jul 2002 – Mar 2004

Other Experienced:
Student Labor - Monitor at Boys dormitory, Adventist University of Indonesia 2000 – 2001
Student labor – Supervisor at Boys dormitory 2001 – 2002

Seminar & Baptism:
 October 2002 Organized Seminar (KKR) at Kayu Tanam, nmber of baptism 5 persons
 May 2003 Organized Seminar (KKR) at Kayu Tanam, number of baptism 4 persons
 June 2003 Organized Seminar (KKR) at Segina, number of baptism 14 persons
 June 2004 Organized Seminar (KKR) at Kotabaru, number of baptism 10 persons
 November 2005 Organized Seminar (KKR) at Penyangka Dua, number of baptism 3 persons
 May 2006 Organized Seminar (KKR) at Kotabaru, number of baptism 6 persons
 April 2007 Organized KKR at Kotabaru, number of baptism 16 persons
 June 2007 Speaker KKR at Limbong, number of baptism 115 persons
 December 2008 Speaker KKR at UNAI (KKR Mahasiswa), number of baptism 12 persons

Others Achievement:
 Year 2003, successfully encourage the church member in developing their economic condition by advised them evolving “Duck husbandry”
 Year 2003, successfully Collecting fund from governor office (due to church building)
 Sept-December 2004, successfully finishing the building of Nangapino church (legal permit, paint, etch)
 June 2004, successfully re-united the old member of SDA kotabaru (at the time, the church has no activity in the Sabbath day)
 Year 2005 successfully to set up and built the church building of Kota baru
 May 2006, overall painting of church building at Penyangka dua, Sintang
 Year 2008, successfully manage the church field by plant the rubber (approximately field wide 1.5 Ha), due to economic church member
 December 2007, building the car’s road access to the church of Penyangka Dua (Sintang)

Key Achievement:
Successfully re-unite the old member and Building a church at Kotabaru (approximately value IDR 100 Million), by collecting fund from some donators (collaborate with the church member),

PDT. ES. Kartagi – Head of District West Kalimantan (2003)
PDT. Glory Wangania – Head of District West Kalimantan (2004)
Pdt. M. Simbolon – Head of Boys Dormitory, UNAI (2001)

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